The pursuit of quality Moschioni also passes through two women. The every day project is that of a better wine. We know what irony is, sometimes we are caustic and corrosive, but we try to look far. The precious international awards are “the prize for fatigue”: the demonstration that “we have to give it our all”. This is first of all a family. Tough and united, yes, but with our feet on the ground ".

My father does what he says, and says what he thinks. He says that the family is his critical conscience of him. I agree. Sabrina, my sister Alessia and I are certainly not easy people, but why should we be? There is a DNA that unites us. DNA is like this shared dream that pushes us to give, to give ourselves, some to the land, some to the cellar, some to the management. You try every day to bring out the best in you: this land gives us so much.

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